Increased Leads and Sales Thru Responsive Web Design

Light, one-site-fits-all, and search engine optimized are the key ingredients of a responsive web design. And we, at IPCS, have the know-how in putting up these ingredients together. No matter which platform or device your target market is highly using, we can provide you with a consistent cross-platform look for your website.

Responsive web design is the building-block of complete user satisfaction. Increasing traffic to your website is difficult in itself but keeping your visitors is an entirely different endeavor. A case study done by Google says there is 61% chance that your leads will leave your site immediately if they find it hard to navigate around it or do not find what they are looking for.

For example, if you offer a catering service in Cleveland Ohio and you are on a search engine’s page one, you have a better chance at getting a large share of traffic from your target market. But if your potential customer could not figure out how to schedule an event with you using your website, then accept that he or she will go to a competitor with a great Cleveland Web Design.

With the growing number of platforms and devices through which users can view your website, excellent user experience and satisfaction becomes more difficult to achieve. Your website needs to work with any kind of device such as desktops, tablets, or mobile phones so that your content can displayed consistently well.

A Fluid Web Home

The IPCS team do not simply put together visual elements to come up with your website. We develop responsive web design through crafting screen-specific experiences with the intent to reduce frustration among users.

It’s as if you have different web designs for everyone when in fact you are hosting your guests inside just one home. The idea is that your website responds to the physical environment. Your website will not be cut to fit a tablet or a mobile phone nor will it shrink to fit the user’s screen. Your website’s elements will be automatically positioned at perfect grids to create a perfect user experience. If your visitor is viewing via a desktop and he or she drags the sides of the web browser, the text and images in your website are wrapped and can still be displayed properly.

The good side of this? When you have a single URL, Google will be able to crawl through your site and position you at the top page easier. The search engine will not be confused, so to speak. Your leads will not be confusedly directed to your competitors.

Having a responsive web design also enables your business to attract potential customers to search, stop at your site, and make sales with you anytime, anywhere. Taking the catering service in Cleveland Ohio as an example, a potential customer from Columbus who is preparing an event in Cleveland will simply need his or her smart phone to book with you.

The IPCS Approach

Our team do it differently. For us, integrating responsiveness into your website needs a flexible approach.

We strategize based on your website’s content and put browser support into high consideration. We maintain the best practices in creating responsive web design by modularizing and optimizing your website according to your specific business needs and goals. We talk with you through each step of your own home’s development. It does not matter if you are living in Cleveland Ohio or you are outside the city. We are ready to connect and partner with you wherever you are.

Want to work with us towards business growth? Contact us by clicking Here. Or, you can simply stop by to drop your inquiries and we will get back to you in no time.